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Please help In Ovo reach as many people as possible by sharing our video! This animation, made by our friends from Public Cinema, briefly explains how we want to prevent the mass killing of day-old male chickens in the poultry industry. Each year, over 3.2 billion chickens are killed by either suffocation or shredding, just because they can’t lay eggs and are inneficient meat producers.

We are working very hard to stop this. In order to do so, we are developing a technique that is fast and cheap enough for use in commercial hatcheries. For the first time ever, we have shown that it is possible to determine the sex of chickens that are still developing in an egg in just a matter of seconds. Now we can start working on further improving our technique and automate the entire process.

You can help by making our project known to everybody who is interested in making this innovation a working solution. Please share our video!